You want to write a book, but you have no idea where to start.

Or…you DO know where to start, and you know where you want to go, but any time you show your manuscript to someone, they struggle to appreciate the story because you struggle so much with grammar.
I’m here to help. I’ll be your tutor-editor, helping you understand ways to improve your writing while also supporting and advising as you build your story.
Sound good? Want to hear something even better? I’m affordable! I’m a writer, a teacher, and a realist. I don’t have a money tree in my back yard, and I suspect that you don’t, either.

How I work: Via Google Docs, I line-edit your manuscript during our live sessions while teaching you the grammar to make you more independent in the future. If you desire more intense line-editing of your manuscript outside of our tutoring sessions, I will give an estimate based on the 25-page initial assessment. As a long-time teacher and professional writer, I am a grammar expert and able to explain “the why” behind the corrections. In addition, I will make stylistic suggestions to you, i.e. “Writer Craft,” in order to help your book become the powerhouse you want it to be.

Ready to get started? Click “Contact” , and let’s talk about your goals and how I can help!